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Our plants thrive because we use only the best products. And you can bring the good stuff home with you for optimum results in your garden. From the compost to the fertilizer, we got you covered.

Ball Professional Growing Mix




Ball’s advancement in growing media is specifically designed with the added value of quality fibrous peat and a planet-friendly nutrient charge Nature's Source Professional Plant Food in all of our our Ball Professional Growing Mixes. 

Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost
















Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost is truly nature's perfect soil conditioner. When properly composted, cotton burrs are an excellent food source for the beneficial soil organisms that help to make nutrients available to plants, aerate the soil, and help to keep harful organisms and dieseases in check. Cotton Burr Compost has excellent mositure-retention characteristics and is prized for its ability to break up tight clay soils. Regular cotton burr compost helps to neutralize soil pH, and if additional acidification is needed, our acidified products contain sulfur, the longest lasting elemental acidifier.

Jack's Classic® All-Purpose Fertilizer
















Jack’s Classic® All-Purpose 20-20-20 is our biggest seller for home professional grower formulas. It is widely used in a variety of settings from bedding plants, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, nursery materials including, trees, shrubs and container plants. In addition, the All-Purpose 20-20-20 is used extensively in conjunction with spray materials for foliar feeding of ornamental and shade trees, turf and hay field applications in the same manner. It is an excellent material for feeding foliage plants.

Jack's Classic® Petunia FeED
















Jack’s Classic® Petunia FeED  20-6-22 was originally developed for the professional grower. Designed for plants that are inefficient when taking up iron up from their root zone, this special formulation provides essential amounts of Iron (Fe) needed for consistent plant growth. Jack’s Classic Petunia FeED contains an enhanced micronutrient package that includes 3 forms of iron and extra magnesium that will produce lush green plants in any growing condition. This low phosphorus formulation keeps plants fuller. Petunia FeED is especially effective in hanging baskets containers that are watered often. Contains the extra iron necessary to prevent yellow tips and extra magnesium to keep lower leaves green.

Jack's Classic® Blossom Booster
















Jack’s Classic® Blossom Booster 10-30-20 proven 1:3:2 ratio stimulates the plant to set more flowers while holding color brighter and longer than any other home blooming formula. Also promotes excellent root growth when used as a transplant solution. This formula will help your plant not only grow more roots but, also help them branch and become established faster in the pot.

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