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Our Mission:

Quality. Convenience. Value.

Why Local?

We all hear "buy local" everywhere nowadays. Buying local is good for the economy and the consumer. Buying local builds, a strong, self-sufficient community. Plant Kingdom started in 1967 and has been owned and operated by the same family right here in Wichita since the very beginning. The benefit of Plant Kingdom is not just being locally owned, it's being locally grown. Everything Plant Kingdom sells is started and grown in Wichita. Why is this better? Because everything is acclimated to our area. Everything is ready to go from our stores to your flowerbed. Our plants don't suffer shock from sitting in a dark truck for hours, or from being saturated in growth-retarding chemicals to ensure a proper fit on loading racks. Our plants are grown healthily and naturally in the heart of our town no more than twenty minutes from any of our locations, or from your home. Shop locally owned for the success of your community. Shop locally grown for the success of your garden.  Shop Plant Kingdom for both.

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