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About Us:

Our family of 5th generation Plantsmen have been serving the Wichita community since 1932.

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Plant Kingdom Headquarters

3560 S. Broadway St.

Wichita, KS 67216

Firewood Service


Call the people you trust for your plants to get what you need for firewood too. We are stocked year-round with Mixed Hardwood, Cedar, and Good Food Smoking Hickory.


Call to set up a time for us to deliver and stack it, or come in during normal business hours to pick up your wood and save the delivery cost!


--Mixed Hardwood - Contains a mixture of hardwoods

-- Pinion Pine - Gives you the scent of a Colorado campfire.

--Hickory - Some of the best smoking wood in Wichita.


All of our wood is well seasoned and ready to burn!